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M-Files Process Maps

Release Notes

  • #1741 – Fixed. Hide MF-icon was not applied when shapes were filled with objects after the property was set.
  • #1742 – Fixed. WFMap did not correctly show the yellow state visit counter, showed ‘0’ instead.
  • #1740 – Fixed. View Smart Nodes were able to be dropped with objects. Now they refuse the drop.
  • #1739 – Fixed. Commands caused errors when they were added
  • #1734 – Fixed. Hide/Show of grey command icons in the toolbar did not work properly
  • #1732 – Fixed. View based Smart Nodes including charts did not support the ‘Visible to user/group’ Filter definitions. This also included visible to to ‘current user’. The queries returned no objects.
  • #1736 – Fixed. Result-Limits could be set at each node in a dashboard, even though it only makes sense at the root.
  • #1726 – Fixed. Paste Image command left a “drop image here” label.
  • #1730 – Fixed. WFMap:Commands that should refer to the ‘associated object’ did not register properly or created error messages.
  • #1724 – Fixed. Copy & Paste of a View Smart Node did create error messages
  • #1720 – Fixed. Default Image of an Object did not show, when created through CTRL-DROP (quickchoice menu).
  • #1718 – Enhancement. Not existing or not filled properties, represented through #EMPTY# and #NA#, are suppressed where possible in the viewer but shown in the designer.
  • #1744 – Fixed. WFMap: The counts of visits and the last user did not show up, when the list of users contained deleted entries.
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