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Process Maps Designer - User Interface Overview

Make yourself familiar with the interface by moving the mouse over the buttons (tool tips).

  1. Left sided menu (see Left Side Menu)
  2. Drawing area (canvas) - in the middle
  3. Navigator - bottom left (switched off by default)
  4. Zoom - bottom right
    1. Zoom level (By clicking on the percentage (in the above example 150%), you can set the zoom even more precisely. This opens the Select Zoom dialog. Here you can either select predefined percentages, or manually type in your desired zoom level.
    2. Zoom Out
    3. Zoom Slider
    4. Zoom In
    5. Zoom 1:1 (100%)
    6. Zoom Fit To Screen
    7. Zoom To Rectangle
    8. View Endless (sets the drawing area to “borderless”)
    9. View Pages (sets the drawing area to “pagemode”)
  5. Shapes, Symbols and Smart Nodes - right
  6. Properties and Storage menu - top right
  7. Scale (switched off by default)
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