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Keyboard Shortcuts, Mouse and Zoom Control

Numerous shortcuts help you to interact even faster with the canvas. These shortcuts only work if the focus is in the map. If unsure, click on the empty canvas and then use the following shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl + Mousewheel Zoom the canvas with the Ctrl-button plus moving the mouse wheel.
Ctrl + 0
Ctrl + 1
Ctrl + 2
Ctrl + 3
Ctrl + 4
Ctrl + 0 shows the whole map in fit-to-screen mode, disregarding any set view ports. This can be helpful to quickly get an overview. It is also good to know that Ctrl + 1 leads to 100% zoom on the canvas, Ctrl + 2 to 200% zoom, Ctrl + 3 to 300% and Ctrl + 4 to 400% zoom.
Ctrl + Drag To reuse existing shapes, hold the Ctrl button and drag a marked element to make a copy on the canvas. Of course, you can also use Ctrl plus C and Ctrl plus V to copy & paste an element too.
Double Click Double click an element to add labels or change the content.
Delete Press Delete to delete a marked element.
Ctrl + S You can always press Ctrl plus S to save your work on the map. Don´t forget that in between.
Ctrl + Z Use Ctrl plus Z to undo an action if it wasn’t right.
Right Click If you right click on an element or a free spot on the canvas the context menu will appear.
Some important settings can be made here without moving the mouse pointer to the above menu.
Ctrl + Shift + C
Ctrl + Shift + V
Sometimes it is easier to change the format of just one element and copy and paste the format to other elements. To do this, mark a shape, use Ctrl plus Shift plus C to copy and Ctrl plus Shift plus V to paste its format to other shapes. You can also apply the format to multiple shapes by selecting them before pressing Ctrl plus Shift plus V.
Ctrl + Hold Right Mouse Move the canvas.
Ctrl + R Set the focus on the canvas, then press Ctrl + R. The mouse cursor changes to a cross. Now you can select the region in wich you want to zoom.
Ctrl + Drop an object on the canvas Open the Quick Choice Menu to select the preferred display.
Ctrl + Click Left Mouse Selecting an individual element from a container, lane or sub-process.

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