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Create Portfolio Maps

  • Portfolio or value chain representations are a widely used instrument for presenting global interrelationships.
  • This notation can be used to create a clear map of all management, core and support processes.
  • Since the notation is not standardized, there is little need for training. It is also well suited for free modeling.

Symbol Overview

Element Description
Management processes, that govern the operation of a system. Typical management processes include corporate governance and strategic management.
Operational processes, that constitute the core business and create the primary value stream. Typical operational processes are purchasing, manufacturing, marketing, and sales.
Supporting processes, that support the core processes. Examples include accounting, recruitment, and technical support.
Organization units determine which organization within the structure of an enterprise is responsible for a specific function.
Organization unit assignments show the connection between an organization unit and the function it is responsible for.
The process owner is responsible for a function (i.e. a booking clerk is responsible for booking journeys).
The process owner is usually part of an organization unit (i.e. a booking clerk belongs to the booking department).
The risk object is used to describe potential risks or dangerous situation. It is used to document any potential harms connected to a process step.
Controls help to link checks and balances and ongoing monitoring tasks to the process.
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