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Placeholders in Labels and Tooltips

You can use text combinations of static text and M-Files placeholders in both labels and tooltip values. This allows you to include a lot of contextual information in your process maps, such as all documents or tasks related to a project. You can display this information dynamically in list or table form.

After you open the Add New Value window (see Add New Value), you can enter text combinations in the right text formatting area:

  1. Choose Placeholder from the Metadata dropdown menu to unlock the right-hand area.
  2. Download examples of text modules or store your own text modules by clicking the buttons Add Template to Storage or Insert Template From Store . These text modules help you as a template, you can adapt them and upload them again.
  3. Use the M-Files placeholder editor to include special placeholders in your text modules in addition to object properties such as title or class. Click the double arrow button to open the Placeholder Editor dialog.

With the Placeholder Editor you can individualize your text modules:

  1. Enter the content of the section in the text box.
  2. Use the Insert Placeholder button to insert a dynamically updated link into your content. When you click the button, a set of curly brackets is inserted in the text box.
  3. You can either start typing the name of the placeholder or press the down arrow button to see a list of available placeholders, such as the title or class of the object that triggered the notification. However, some placeholders only work for certain sections. You can also use syntax completion by trying out different keyboard entries.
  4. When you select a syntax element, you can use the buttons above to add or remove reference levels, for example, if you want to display an employee's manager, but the manager is linked to the department rather than the employee.
  5. In the lower area, you can see the references of your entry, that is, which object types are included and how. Use the aliases or property IDs from M-Files Admin here to reference the property definitions.

Click OK to close the Placeholder Editor and transfer the text module to the text area of the Add New Value window.

HTML Tags interpreted in text labels

The following HTML tags are supported for text labels:

  • 'ul' unordered list
  • 'ol' ordered list
  • 'li' list item
  • 'p' paragraph
  • 'br' line break
  • 'u' underline
  • 'em' emphasized
  • #text

Note: Labels only support the above mentioned limited list of tags as they are displayed in the canvas. The widespread of HTML-Tags is supported in mouse-over tooltips. So with tooltips, you can work with fonts, tables, colors and much more.

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