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Value Templates from Storage

Use the template function to store values in a central storage and retrieve them later. Reusing identical content saves a lot of time when editing your maps.

This function can be found in the Add New Value or Edit Tooltip Value dialog: The arrow buttons Add Template to Storage and Insert Template From Storage allow you to store and retrieve text modules. Please select a meaningful name if you create and add new ones.

If you click on the arrow button , the storage area Insert Template from Storage is opened:

  1. All existing templates are displayed by name. Click on a template with the left mouse button to select it (the element is colored blue). The icons on the right-hand side are now available.
  2. The Insert button is used to add a template to the list of tooltips.
  3. Use the Rename button to give the template a new name.
  4. Click the Delete button to delete the template from the storage.
Insert Template From Storage

Templates are used in labels and tooltips as static text-placeholder combinations:

Add Template to Storage
  1. Select the Placeholders option in the Add New Value window to make the arrow buttons available. Upload the text module you have created (or modified) to the storage by using the arrow button.
  2. Enter a meaningful name for the text module.
  3. On the right-hand side of the window Add Template To Storage is the overview of all existing templates. You can rename or delete them or get a preview by mouseover.
  4. Click on Add to insert the created text block the storage.
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