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Replace an Object on the Canvas

To replace an object on the canvas, simply select the desired object from the left-hand side and drop it onto the symbol on the canvas. Do not drop it onto the canvas, but onto the symbol itself.

This ensures, that the object and all metadata is pulled from the repository and stuffed into the symbol.

If you did define commands, values and tooltips, M-Files Process Maps also updates these relations and tries to keep them intact, but points to the new object. Please test, if the commands and values work, prior to releasing the map.

Pointing to a Specific or the Latest Version of an Object

The toolbar offers a VERSION attribute. By default, it points to the latest version of an object. If the map is loaded in preview or in the Designer, it pulls the latest version of the object and also updates all relations, labels, commands and even the dynamic values of the metadata.

  • Set to static uses the data of the specific version (at the time of dropping it onto the canvas).
  • Set to latest pulls the latest object version whenever the map is loaded.
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