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In this section you can find all available product updates.

Release Notes

  • #1956 Enhancement - In workflow maps the connection lines between states could overlay the grey commands icons. As a result the commands could not be clicked. This is now resolved. Clicks now still invoke the command. (Other work around: Modify the Z-Order - move the WF state symbol to the top).
  • # Bugfix - If additional metadata was added to the built-in process map classes, it was lost after restarting the vault. The same happened with replicated information. Fixed.
  • #1954 Bugfix - Dynamic values conditions of a symbol or shape could not be dynamically switched based on boolean meta data. This only worked with text based value lists. Now it supports booleans. This simplifies the mapping of boolean values with boolean flags like “visible’.
  • #1953 Bugfix - The creation of tooltips for workflow nodes crashed under circumstances. Fixed.
  • #1952 Bugfix - Automatic tooltips did not appear as desired. Fixed.
  • #1944 Enhancement - The tab name of a map tab can be configured using the metadata tag ‘Map Title’

Release Notes

  • #1907 Bugfix - sometimes commands could not be executed unless the user had admin rights. Full rights were not enough. When commands were pointing to rights-controlled and inaccessible objects or views they were incorrectly assigned to symbols.
  • #1908, #1895, #1913 Enhancement - conditional formatting to show or hide an object is now possible based on a placeholder valuation. The ‘dynamic value’ dialogue for symbols and shapes now has a ‘visible’ attribute which can be used to hide or show an object in a simple way.
  • #1917 Enhancement - Conditional formatting has been overhauled. The dialogue shows colors and line-styles instead of hex codes and is more readable now.
  • #1909 Enhancement – ‘dynamic value’ dialogue now allows to handle multi-select lookups and offers new operators like “one of”, “all of” and “none of”.
  • #1912 Bugfix and Enhancement - the tree of views also now includes virtual folders which are dynamically based on aggregations. This has now been enhanced to deal with boolean, dates, segment ID, integer, and number. Also filters like DaysFrom() are supported.
  • #1913 Bugfix - the ‘value’ dialogue and the ‘Save and Configure’ dialogue have been resized to fit onto smaller screens.
  • #1916, #1940 Bugfix – the installation of process maps has failed due to a 50MB filesize limit in MF24.2. The installation of the current version now no longer violates this limit. However installations now require to re-start the vault. Clients need to logout and re-login for deployment to the client.
  • #1923 Enhancement - the Hierarchy Walker Smart Node: Number of filters can be easily enhanced or reduced. Clicking on grouped by icons in the results window synchronizes the shell listing. The mouse over hover over time can now be set. Filters now can be configured differently (tiles or dropdown) for each filter level. Pre-set filters can be saved with the map.
  • #1924 Enhancement - all view based Smart Nodes now have enhanced capabilities concerning the filters: Number of filters can be easily enhanced or reduced. Clicking on grouped by icons in the results window synchronizes the shell listing. The mouse over hover over time can now be set. Filters now can be configured differently (tiles or dropdown) for each filter level. Pre-set filters can be saved with the map.
  • #1936 Enhancement – the ‘command’ dialogue now simplifies the assignment of templates for “create new from template” commands as it now allow to search the template by name.
  • #1937 Bugfix – the ‘command’ dialogue now does now longer show deleted objects by default.
  • #1922 Bugfix - Fixes a problem with assigning ALIAS to generated process map object definition, causing double entries during replication. New Alias Pre-Fix from now on is: ‘M-Files.ProcessMaps’ - CaseID 02434383 Issue ID 1629213

Release Notes 2.02.62

  • #1905 – a jump from a regular map to a workflow map stalled under some circumstances.
  • # 1903, #1899 PDF generation had a version conflict with a Newtonsoft DLL, PDF rendering hanged or provided an error message “wrong parameter”. The PDF rendering has now been overhauled using ASPOSE PDF.
  • The .mfappx is now much smaller and should therefore install a bit quicker. (aprox 50 MB instead 115 MB)
  • #1897 Text changes for consistency “Metacard”⇒ meta data card.
  • #1882 Fixed a problem with Object SmartNodes not fully displayed in web access.
  • #1884 Fixed a problem where LANE-HEADS were created instead replacing the underlying object of a lane.
  • #1871 Rewrote the mechanism for TAB-Order
  • #1877 Fixed an issue with the “My xxx” views – using permission restrictions
  • #1860 Command “jump to view” now offers the ability to close the map tab after navigation, so that the target view can launch its own map

Release Notes

  • #1799 Feature - Workflow states on workflow maps can now be double-clicked. Some users did not see or hid the grey icons, so a double click is a new default action. No configuration needed - works with existing maps.
  • #1812 Feature - The initial zoom setting can be controlled in the ‘save and configure’ dialog. It can be set to Fit to content, Page Width, Height or 100%. It is applied when no default viewport is set. A default viewport overrides the string.
  • #1809, #1794 Feature - a map can now be configured to not show the viewer toolbar. The toolbar can be disabled in the ‘save and configure’ dialog.
  • #1814 Bugfix - Pictures on smart nodes were not shown, when the file extension was in capital letters only.
  • #1803 Feature - when dropping a view on the canvas, the default object (clickable rectangle) now displays a label with the count of the objects in that view. Users can select and delete the label, when not needed.
  • #1811 Bugfix - Open a 360 View from an object could lead to an error message ATLHELPER.cpp called with wrong parameters.
  • #1829 Bugfix – the access to objects in a specific version using the STATIC versus LATEST selection did not work properly.
  • #1828,#1813 Enhancement – Associated Object can now be used in Maps that are defined as ‘Show with Object/Class” or “Show with Worklow”. This allows the selected object or document to feed information into the map.
  • #1836 Enhancement – The geographic arrangement of MF-Workflow States in a map can now be automatically applied when you create a new workflow map, since it is easier to delete unwanted states than to add all wanted states to a map.
  • #1817 Enhancement – Speed optimization through profiling for loading maps with many object references
  • #1856 Enhancement – Speed improvement for workflow maps, or maps shown with associtated object. Reload data instead of reload map
  • #1854 Enhancement - Conditional Attributes can now be edited much easier since their appearance is shown in the dialog boxes
  • #1844 Feature – Item Count can now be dynamically interpreted and used for dynamic attributes.
  • #1842, #1814 Bugfixes – The associated (selected) object in the shell listing did not properly transmit information into the map. This happened with maps that were configured to ‘Show with Object or Class’ and ‘WorkStep’ maps.
  • #1833 Feature – Workflow maps can be configured to automatically find the initial scaling of the map, so that the current state and the next possible states are in the initial view right after loading. Use ‘Save and Configure’ to set this option.
  • #1861 Bugfix – Limit Height attribute for textboxes was not copied/pasted and not stored in the library.
  • #1862 Bugfix – fixed an issue with the Item count indicator and the ‘limit height’ attribute.

Release Notes

  • #1740 – Fixed. In some circumstances view based smart nodes did accept the drop of objects, even though they shouldn’t.
  • #1742 – Fixed. In Workflow Maps the visit-counter showed 0 instead of the correct number of visits.
  • #1747 – Fixed. In Workflow Maps the WF-Nodes did not properly support the UNDO / REDO functionality. The occurred twice when re-done.
  • #1748 – Fixed. MapByReference SmartNode allowed to reference to itself. Catch 22 endless recursion.
  • #1750 – Fixed. A chart was not connected with a view. So it shows ‘RAW’. But the mouse-over tooltip tried to pull data and created an error.
  • #1754 – Fixed. Filters with time stamps / dates did not get saved and executed properly under some circumstances.
  • #1758 – Enhancement. Filters now allow to use ‘current user’ e.g. when filtering ‘created by’
  • #1759 – Fixed. Series-Label properties including hide/show for pie charts, bar charts did not persist properly.
  • #1760 – Fixed. Errors occurred when changing the chart type after the initialization with data.
  • #1782 – Fixed. Renaming Workflow States did not manifest in the map.
  • #1785, #1782 – Fixed. Workflow Maps not working properly after replication.
  • #1793 - Fixed. Filters that were reconfigured in dashboards were not saved/loaded correctly.

This version is using an updated VAF.

Release Notes 2.0

M-Files Process Maps 2.0 is now called the ‘Add-on for visual thinkers’. It helps to deliver information in a visual context, making it easier to understand. Graphical process maps combine and connect process flowcharts with relevant data and documents. Maps can offer Job aids, home maps for visual navigation and workload dashboards to provide insight and guidance, when users need it.

  • Adaption to current 2022 M-Files App Design Rules (Color Set, Simple round Icons, clean LATO typeface, simplify the UI) including support for new Desktop UI 2022
  • New Type of SmartNode that shows the content of a referenced map. There are two use cases
    • MapByRef MAP – show the content of a referenced map
    • MapByRef MENUE – show the content reduced to a viewport of another map. This can for example be used to have centrally editable menu, that is repeatedly used in many maps.
  • New Storage Pane – allows to organize re-usable content and adapted symbols, corporate design etc… a big improvement to speed up and standardize the creation of maps.
  • Smart Node Gallery – simplified, allows search by name, shows sections and a visual representation of all chart types.
  • 3 New Chart Types: (Total now 14)
    • Gauges
    • XY Plot
    • Funnel Charts (make sense for visualizing workflows)
  • New Chart functions
    • All Charts are now available with an interactive Filter definition.
    • Date-Management on all charts. Charts can deal with dynamic date axis now
    • Value Ranges for many chart types (i.e. Colors on a speedometer gauge)
    • Cut-Off values (Minimum, Maximum)
    • Categories based on Value lists can now be sorted (i.e. workflow states).
  • A New Command is available: “Inject a Path into a Smart Node”.
  • Drag a View from the View tree onto the Canvas = Button to navigate/show in Shell Listing
  • Dashboards: Connect multiple Smart Nodes to a fully automated and interactive dashboard. Allows to dynamically drill down with filters.
  • Filters have been enhanced:
    • Filter entries (from value lists) can be flexibly chosen at design time. Entries can be disabled and sorted to only provide a reduced set.
    • Flexible Time Filters: Automatic to days, months, years FROM Today TO Today…
    • Filter by By Name: Text entry and Search-Execution built into the Smart Node
  • Interact with the shell Listing / show search results
    • Click into segments of a charts and see the results in the shell listing.
    • Show sliced and diced results in shell listing when clicking in dashboard/filter or dynamically grouped results
    • Show View Command shows the content in same window (=Shell Listing) as default, when FastNav is available
  • New Triggers and new options for showing a map
    • Show when view is entered
    • Show when View is selected (not entered)
    • Show with OBJECT CLASS (Lazy load)
    • Show with Workflow State
    • Show in Perstistent TAB
    • Show as SVG (loads 10x faster) and make interactive only on demand
  • Dynamic colors for Workflow State Symbols can now be freely chosen
  • Simplified Design-Options:
    • ALIGN, Resize and DISTRIBUTE Objects
    • Simplified (Powerpoint-like) handling of text labels and the formatting
    • Access to all ICONS in the MATERIAL FONT AND FONT SOME.
  • Support for Custom Palettes Colors. By default, the M-Files App Design Framework color set is available.
  • Minor topics: UI optimizations
  • Ability to configure the size of command icons, configure size of MF-Object icons (setting per map)
    • Workflow Maps: Added support for WF State icons. Also, workflow states in the Library can be sorted by ID or name.
    • Optimized handling of context menus in designer (now menu entries can be fully used on the bottom half of the screen).
    • Viewports can be named and as result they can be easier addressed and selected, where formerly only the GUID was shown.
    • Added command execution indicator GIF. It gives feedback right after invoking a command – therefore asking the user to wait.

Technical Notes and Requirements

  • required M-Files version: M-Files 22.5, Recommended M-Files version 22.10 or later
  • Supported M-Files Functions: Fast Browsing Mode, Multi-Server Mode, M-Files Classic Web, M-Files Cloud.
  • Not yet supported M-Files Functions: New Web Access, mobile and offline Availability

Release Notes

  • This version provides a number of bug fixes, speed improvements through cashing some additional information.
  • It also makes much better use of M-Files Fast-Navigation (when all installed vault apps support it).
  • We now have the ability to keep persistant tabs and keep them alive longer without reloading (see: Save and Configure allows this to be set). This works best in with M-Files FastNav.
  • There is also an enhanced functionality Show with Class to display a map when an object matches the class. (see also Save and Configure)
  • We implemented a CleanUp of the ‘Save and Configure’ dialog tabs and added plausibility checks to it.
  • The preview bar now shows tooltips for the edit pen and the < > back and forth buttons.
  • All Builds are now ready for M-Files Multi-Server-Mode from now on. So we do not mention it any more in future releases.
  • M-Files 21.11 and 21.12, 22.1 and 22.2 had trouble with launching views in same window. This caused Process Maps to crash in some cases.
  • Fixes a problem where Process Maps threw errors after returning from Offline Mode
  • Fixes a problem with initializing HomeTabs when launching in new windows.
  • Fix: Clicking the Edit Pen button in some cases did not open the map for editing.
  • Fix: WorkStep Maps were not detached when selecting another object in some cases.
  • Allow Maps that are configured to ‘Show with View’ to stay persistent when navigating into subfolders underneath the view. (Idea to have a Cheatsheet for all topics of ‘Financials’ (covered in sub-views under 'Financials' and another map for ‘HR related’ which is a different branch of the tree of views)


  • Required M-Files version MF20.12, Recommended M-Files version 22.1 or later
  • Supported M-Files Function: FastNAV, Multi-Server
  • Not yet supported M-Files Functions: New Web Access, Offline Availability
  • Limitations: M-Files Mobile, M-Files Classic Web (see Web Access - Process Maps in M-Files Classic Web)
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