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Technical Architecture

M-Files Process Maps is a vault application on the server. The server provides a client piece, which uses the M-Files UI extension framework, both for M-Files Client and for M-Files Classic Web.

  • The application uses the VAF 2.3x Vault Application framework and has a C# server piece.
  • It provides a central configuration pane in M-Files Admin.
  • It provides a Client UI extension that becomes distributed to the M-Files Client.
  • M-Files Classic Web provides access to maps.

The map preview and the map designer are both HTML5 Single page applications, running within the built-in browser-plugin view shell of the M-Files client or, when using M-Files Classic Web, in your desired browser.

M-Files Process Maps can run in both 32-bit or 64-bit environments. It can be installed in any vault. It supports Multi-Server Environments and supports the so-called “Fast-Navigation” introduced in 2021. It supports on-premises and cloud-offerings.

Note: M-Files Process Maps works best on the latest M-Files environment. If your environment is still running legacy versions (prior 2021), please request a special build, that is made for this purpose.

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