General Questions

Does M-Files Process Maps work with M-Files 2015, M-Files 2018, M-Files Online?

M-Files Process Maps works best in the latest environments - namely M-Files Online. It undergoes frequent testing with the current product versions. M-Files 2015 is no longer supported. M-Files 2018 is supported with a legacy version of the product (Process Maps V1.7). Cloud hosted instances of M-Files are fully supported.

Can I get a trial license?

Yes, M-Files provides time-bombed trial licenses. M-Files partners and consultants can explain and demo the software. Installation, configuration and integration with your specific vaults need a little bit of consulting, so please address your M-Files contact for that.

Does M-Files Process Maps support the use of M-Files Web?

Yes, M-Files Web is supported for the consumption of maps. Home maps and maps that accompany views are supported. The majority of interactive commands are also supported in the M-Files Web environment. The creation of new maps is only possible with the M-Files Client.

Does M-Files Process Maps need a special vault structure? Can it be used with any vault?

Yes, M-Files Process Maps can be used with any existing vault structure. The required objects, aliases and classes are created automatically during the installation of the add-on.

How is M-Files Process Maps licensed?

The add-on requires the installation of a license that can be purchased and issued by M-Files. Licenses are bound to the server license of M-Files and users are allowed to use it on an unlimited number of vaults within the server.

The license is an annual license for one server for an unlimited number of vaults and an unlimited number of users. Users with edit/write permission to the process map object will be able to launch the Designer (pen symbol in the toolbar or double click). Users without this permission will only see the map preview tab.

Special licenses for staging (Test, Dev, Prod) or time-bombed licenses are available. Contact your M-Files partner if you have questions.

Is offline access to maps supported?

Offline mode is currently no longer supported for Process Maps version 1.8 and M-Files Server versions from V20.3 onwards. The preview tab is not shown in offline mode. When you select a map and mark it for Offline Availability, only the associated files (see Process Maps in M-Files Desktop client) are displayed. Thus, only the SVG files can be used for offline viewing.

Does M-Files Process Maps need additional modules or add-ons, i.e. Compliance Kit?

No, M-Files Process Maps does not require any, but it is compatible and works with the Compliance Kit. Therefore it can be used together with M-Files QMS or M-Files GDPR and it supports use cases in regulated environments. Since the process map is an M-Files object, it can travel on workflows, is version-controlled and can carry metadata tags. Also, the rights management functionalities work just alike.

Is it possible to print process maps?

Yes, as maps are kept available as SVG graphics, these SVG graphics can be launched in any web browser and printed from the web browser. Also, a serverside SVG2PDF rendering can be configured, so that the Process Map Object also carries a PDF version. However, we do not encourage to have offline-copies, since this mostly leads to conflicts as to where is the latest version. Therefore printing and PDF generation can be disabled.

Is there an import or export for BPMN or Visio?

No, currently this is not supported. If you have a large number of documented processes in Powerpoint, Visio or PDF these can be managed with M-Files as documents, including preview, version and rights management. It is best-practice to review and adapt existing processes prior to re-creating them and making them interactive in M-Files Process Maps. The benefit of this reflection is in most cases bigger than the time saved by importing something “as is”.

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