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Show Guides and Cheat Sheets Along the Way

This section explains how to extend the M-Files user interface by using process maps. Learn more about custom tabs for views or workflow states.

Process Maps delivers 'in-context guidance' right within the M-Files user interface, offering a more convenient user experience. This helps your colleagues to see the different stakeholders in the process and to better understand their tasks in relation to the entire process, resulting in more accuracy and departmental cooperation.

The idea is that the process map is displayed in a tab when the user finds himself in a specific situation. Since you are completely free to choose what is graphically displayed on the map, you can use this mechanism to show:

  • Tips, rules and guidelines
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Alternative menu structures
  • Business process maps eg. flowcharts
  • Pointers to additional information and helpful tools.

Let us look at some of the typical situations:

Type Example
Root (home view)Central main menu
In viewsExplain what is to be found in the view, and how the items in the view are to be processed
Per object typeIf an object of a specific type or class is selected, then a process map tab can be offered (as background tab and lazy load)
Per workflow and status of an objectIf an object or document is on a workflow path, you can display guidance, rules and tips. This can be shown for one or multiple statuses of a workflow. The map can be displayed as background tab and lazy load.
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