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Create a Map for a Specific View

M-Files Views organizes objects in the vault by metadata properties of each object. Views can be based on object types e.g. Customer or Project, and they can be further grouped by the properties of Listed Objects, such as Country or Customer.

Views allow you to save frequently used searches and define grouping levels. As you create views you will certainly think of information that you might want to share with your users in a context-sensitive manner. For example, you could:

  • Describe, why was this view created, what is its purpose?
  • Describe the business context and point to other potential views or
  • Elaborate, how to interact with the objects or documents shown in the list view.

Of course, you can also offer other visualizations that allow a better visual distinction of the objects, documents, views and their specific purpose.

There are currently two ways you can set up Home Tabs:

  • as System administrator directly via the Save and Configure dialog in the Process Maps Designer
  • as Vault administrator via the Configuration entries in the Other Application - M-Files Process Maps area.

Detailed descriptions of the functions can be found here:

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