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M-Files Process Maps

Release Notes

  • #1740 – Fixed. In some circumstances view based smart nodes did accept the drop of objects, even though they shouldn’t.
  • #1742 – Fixed. In Workflow Maps the visit-counter showed 0 instead of the correct number of visits.
  • #1747 – Fixed. In Workflow Maps the WF-Nodes did not properly support the UNDO / REDO functionality. The occurred twice when re-done.
  • #1748 – Fixed. MapByReference SmartNode allowed to reference to itself. Catch 22 endless recursion.
  • #1750 – Fixed. A chart was not connected with a view. So it shows ‘RAW’. But the mouse-over tooltip tried to pull data and created an error.
  • #1754 – Fixed. Filters with time stamps / dates did not get saved and executed properly under some circumstances.
  • #1758 – Enhancement. Filters now allow to use ‘current user’ e.g. when filtering ‘created by’
  • #1759 – Fixed. Series-Label properties including hide/show for pie charts, bar charts did not persist properly.
  • #1760 – Fixed. Errors occurred when changing the chart type after the initialization with data.
  • #1782 – Fixed. Renaming Workflow States did not manifest in the map.
  • #1785, #1782 – Fixed. Workflow Maps not working properly after replication.
  • #1793 - Fixed. Filters that were reconfigured in dashboards were not saved/loaded correctly.

This version is using an updated VAF.

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