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Product Idea and Components

M-Files Process Maps gives information in M-Files visual context. Graphical process maps combine and connect process flowcharts with relevant data and documents.

  • Simple process modeling via drag & drop
  • Maintain and manage data, processes, maps and documents all in one place
  • Direct integration with M-Files objects and workflows
  • Assign interactive commands to M-Files objects directly within the map
  • Navigate from map to map, jump to views, documents
  • Show maps context sensitively, based on the selected view, object or workflow state
  • Dynamic values and smart nodes make content easily understandable
  • Multi-user concept with shared value storage

M-Files Process Maps adds three core functionalities to any existing M-Files vault:

  • The built-in “Visio-like” designer provides process methodology toolsets (BPMN, FLOW, VCD, EPC) to create visual process flow graphics for process documentation with links to rules, documents and other M-Files content. These graphics are shown on demand in a separate preview pane.
  • Job aids are provided along the way, guiding users to the right content context, sensitively and at the right time. Dynamic workflow maps are an example here. Action commands enable dynamic maps and direct interaction with the vault content.
  • Finally, it delivers the visual navigation interface containing the home map and a net of sub-level maps which are connected in a wiki-like manner. This complements the M-Files search and views driven UI, with a visual component.

All three aspects greatly enhance the experience for the end user:

M-Files users can visually navigate to the information stored in M-Files. They are guided to the right information in a way that is natural in the date context. These methods can be modelled through processes, organizational aspects or any abstract concept that is natural to the specific business process.

Components of the Add-on

The software consists of three basic modules:

as well as:

which are set up automatically.

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