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World Map

This example shows us how Viewports are used to navigate through different areas of a Process Map. In-depth, you can see how a multinational active corporation used M-Files Process Maps to illustrate its structure of different departments all around the globe.

Almost anyone related to your company could benefit from such a vivid representation of it. Not just internals but also customers or partners can get a better understanding of the dimensions of your company by clicking through the different sites. Thanks to the Viewports and the unlimited canvas, there are endless possibilities in customizing your map until it meets your personal needs.

Besides the easy and intuitive navigation between sites, the user also benefits from the linkage between the used M-Files object and its metadata. As usual, by simply left-clicking the grey icon next to an object, the metacard will show up. That empowers even inexperienced employees to quickly find the needed data.

If you need any further information on using M-Files objects within Process Maps just click here.

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