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Installation prerequisites

Before the installation of M-Files Process Maps to any of your vaults, please check the following prerequisites:

  1. Make a full backup of your vault, so that you can revert to this stage, if anything goes wrong! (
  2. Download the Process Map Application .MFAPPX file (Downloads)
  3. Make sure that your license file is available
  4. Have Administrator rights to the vault

Make use of staged environments (DEV, TEST, PROD)

It is good practice to implement M-Files projects in a staged environment. This also applies to the use of M-Files Process Maps.

  • Implement M-Files Process Maps in a DEV vault first, then try it out and make yourself familiar with its functionality. Draw your maps and read/ watch the learning units in this environment.
  • Then create and implement your production maps. Also replicate them to TEST.
  • Finally move to production (PROD).
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