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Process House

The term Process House refers to a graphical representation of mostly internal business processes in an easily understandable and descriptive way.

Basically, the Process House distinguishes between three categories of business processes:

  • Management processes
  • Core processes
  • Support processes

These are displayed vividly from top to bottom. Thanks to the simplified and intuitive representation, even inexperienced colleagues can quickly understand complex processes. In particular, the focus on the most important processes and the immediately apparent responsibility is of great advantage here.

However, the design of a Process House in M-Files Process Maps brings even more potential. Instead of a static picture that only shows the simplified processes, it is possible to go much further.

To access a more detailed explanation of a sub-process, the user simply has to click on it. This will take him to a more detailed breakdown of the desired aspect.

Navigation to the descriptions of each sub-process can be done through anchors and viewports, or by jumping to another map. This allows you to provide each sub-process with detailed information that is made available to the user in an intuitive form.

Advantages of a Process House in M-Files Process Map include:

  • Direct linking of roles and other M-Files objects to parts of the map.
  • Providing more information about individual process steps.
  • Simple and intuitive handling.
  • Possibility to display the map in a context-sensitive way.
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