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Organizational Chart

If you wish to have a clear view of your internal structures, there is probably no better and easier way than creating an organizational chart within M-Files Process Maps. Not just the modeling of your individual hierarchy, but also the linking of Metadata and other personal information of every participant will not be a problem anymore.

Because of the brought variety of Standard Shapes within M-Files Process Maps, you are almost free in choosing the Process Documentation Methodology which meets your personal needs.

Without ever hearing of our example company before, you can tell right away some details about their organizational structure. Thanks to a diversity of useable colors and the usage of intuitive Pictograms, which are automatically selected for you. The lines represent the relationships between individual objects. When selected in the upper toolbar, they are easily applied on the canvas by clicking and dragging. Like any other linked M-Files object within Process Maps, the desired action is performed when the grey icon is clicked (e.g. opening the metadata card).

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