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Custom Tags

The Custom Tags function is a functionality for use in future versions. It cannot yet be used to its full extent. However, custom tags can already be used in the current version to enhance the maps with additional data.

The Process Map concept has been prepared to handle custom tags that are stored and managed within the map. These tags are not exposed to M-Files but 'live' within the process map itself and can be used to store additional information about the map, the elements and nodes of the drawing.

The concept supports the following type of tags:

  • Boolean
  • Integer
  • Decimal
  • Strings Single Line
  • Strings Multi-Line
  • Formatted Text (not yet implemented)
  • ValueList (Typ reference to an MF Value List)

Tags are defined in M-Files Admin and can be mapped to appear with selected symbols of the respective methodologies (BPMN, FLOW, EPC).

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