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Process Defaults

The Process Defaults function is a functionality for use in future versions. It cannot yet be used to its full extent. We would like to point out at this point that before using this function, it is imperative that you take precautions to have a rollback scenario in case of an error or unwanted change of your metadata structure.
Before activating, make sure that a current and valid full backup of the document vault is available!

The Process Defaults options are intended to enhance M-Files vaults with additional object types and metadata for process modelling. This facilitates the entry into process modelling, as all typical process elements are already suggested. The contents are based on the Turtle model of ISO/TS 16949 and can be individually enabled or disabled.

  • In the ProcessDefaults area, typical Objects or Metadata can be activated/deactivated. Go through the list once, maybe some of them are useful additions to the existing metadata structure in your document vault, then activate or deactivate them one by one. You can also link your own object types to the configuration so that they are extended rather than newly created.
  • In the ProcessMetadata area, the configuration of the metadata card of the Process Maps objects can be made. In this way, different sections and typical properties can be assigned to the metadata tab.
  • In the ProcessHierarchies area, object types can be activated that map a process hierarchy and associated levels. This allows levels to be assigned to the process maps, which can be used for later navigation or modelling.

After you have configured the metadata structure of the Vault and the process maps to your liking, activate the Process Defaults. The structures are then automatically created in your document vault.

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