Process Map Preview Tab

Process Map Preview Tab

The Map Preview allows users to interactively navigate between map content:

  • The Map Preview enables read-only access for existing maps
  • Map content can be displayed, used for navigation and the grey command buttons can be shown.
  • Users without write-access cannot edit the map.
  • Orange highlights indicate areas on the maps. They show all elements the process map consists of and can highlight them, e.g. in a discussion with a colleague.


  1. Refresh page
  2. Hide or show command icons
  3. Navigation buttons
  4. Zoom capabilities incl. zoom to 100%, fit-to-screen, fit-to-page-width.
  5. View history
  6. Edit/ open Designer tool
  7. Print current view (may be disabled or hidden by the admin)
  8. View the selected map as a PDF file. (may be disabled or hidden by the admin / only accessible if a PDF was generated via Save and Configure)

TIP: By clicking on the percentage (in the above example 126%), you can set the zoom even more precisely. This opens the Select Zoom dialog. Here you can either select predefined percentages, or manually type in your desired zoom level.

Command Icons

You can enact established commands in the Map Preview. See Working with M-Files Objects for more information.

The Map Preview can also be used to navigate between maps or to different sections within a map. The arrows allow jumping back and forth in recently selected maps or zones. The navigation buttons are greyed out initially since the stack is initially empty, but builds up internally.

If you want to jump to other areas on the same map, see Anchors and Viewports for more information.

Elements can be selected with the mouse or by drag. An orange (color can be changed in M-Files Admin) indicator rectangle is shown. You can highlight and point to these objects or regions. This can be helpful when explaining a process or discussing it during a screen-sharing situation. To undo the selection, press ESC.

The name of the tab (in the image “HOME”) is defined by the creator of the map via Save and Configure or set in M-Files Admin. It is bound to the context and therefore does not change variably when jumping between maps. To see WHERE you are navigating to, you can use the tooltip of the navigation buttons.


You can control the map preview via the following:

  • CTRL + + or - ( zoom in/out)
  • CTRL + 0 ( show the whole map)
  • CTRL + 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 ( zoom levels 100% to 400%)

Tip: You can use the 'rubberband zoom' by pressing CTRL + + or R.

Rubberband Zoom

The mouse cursor changes to a cross and you can select the region in which you want to zoom.

Note: For all of these keyboard commands, please make sure, that the focus is set into the preview tab. You can ensure this by clicking into the canvas.

Using the mouse (Right click drag and CTRL-Wheel)

Panning - Right Click Drag If zooming-in, it can be very helpful to move the canvas to see sections that are outside of your current window. Just click on the canvas with a pressed right mouse button and then drag the canvas.

Zoom with the mouse wheel To zoom into the drawing using your mouse, click onto the canvas. With CTRL + Mouse wheel you can easily zoom in and out.

Selection When you click with the mouse inside the viewer, different areas (elements, groups, swim lanes) are marked.This way you can easily highlight parts of the process, e.g. when you talk about it in a meeting with colleagues.

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