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Lines, Fillings and Shadows

The format attributes can be set using the drop-down menus at the top right-hand of the toolbar. There are three different menus:

  1. Line Format drop-down menu to change lines or borders (color, shape).
  2. Form Format drop-down menu to change filling color, gradient and transparency.
  3. Shadow Format drop-down menu to change the color, direction, depth and blur of the shading.

There are several options that can be used in the menus:

  • Custom colors can be entered with HEX codes (6 digits and a preceding #)
  • With none color the elements can be set to not visible
  • The width of the lines can be set
  • The style (dashed, dotted, solid) of the line can be set
  • Predefined or custom corners can be set
  • Arrow start and arrow end styles can be set for the lines
  • A gradient filling for elements can be set
  • The grade of transparency can be set for fillings
  • The direction of a shadow can be set for two-dimensional elements
  • A blur effect for shadows can be used for softer drawing

Since version 2.0, you can also define your own color palettes:

  1. Central color palettes from the corporate design can be created and managed in the M-Files Admin application (see Configuration Items, the “MF-Colors” from the M-Files color palette are preset here)
  2. If you use the M-Files Theme Editor (see M-Files UI Theme Editor), the stored colors are transferred directly to the Process Maps Designer.

Note: If you make changes to the colors of your M-Files Theme Editor, they will be displayed in the color palette only after a relogin.

The menus are only active when selecting a shape that can be formatted. Use the small arrow on the right-hand side of the icons to open the drop-down. Some items have sub-menus that can be opened with a slow mouse over.

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