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Insert Images via M-Files Objects

An excellent way to reuse content, such as graphics, logos, and photos, is to store them directly in M-Files in the respective object type. This makes it easy to reuse this content dynamically on multiple maps.

The selected object type must be able to contain files, in order to use this function. The M-Files administrator can select the Objects of this type can have files checkbox, if you want your users to be able to incorporate files in objects of this type (see Create a New Object Type).

The process maps themselves are object types, but also e.g. company, employee or device files can contain image files that can be used.

To employ this function, use the Insert Image button in the top toolbar (see Insert Images) and select, drag & drop an M-Files object onto the image area.

Note: Referenced and imported images are not part of the saved SVG file. Also - loading them means accessing additional objects and versions, which may take a little extra loading time in high latency environments. You can bring in static images with the PASTE IMAGE function when you right click onto the canvas.

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