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M-Files QMS and Process Maps

If your company is active in a regulated industry, you are probably familiar with M-Files QMS. But what might be new to you is the great synergy between M-Files QMS and M-Files Process Maps in this use case.

In this use case, an arranged starting page was designed to guide users, regardless of their user experience, through the different functionalities of the QMS. By clicking the desired headline, matching views will appear. The preview switches to a detailed explanation of what the selected topic is about.

To show a Process Map with a certain view can be configured by the M-Files Process Maps admin.

The combination of M-Files QMS and M-Files Process Maps gives the user clear navigation through all important areas of your quality management system. Not just the navigation gets significantly faster, but also the additional information provided to the user is a great improvement to find your way around.

What might look complicated at first, can be easily reproduced. The essential elements of these Process Maps are:

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